King Level 14 - Autumn Update
21 October 2021

After more than 5 years, 103 cards, and trillions of battles, the time has finally come.

Level 14 is finally arriving in the next update!

It’s time to level up

The Clash Royale team goal for 2021 has been all about player progression, and we’re continuing with the next update.

With level 14 now arriving, there’ll be higher King/Princess Tower Damage/Health; and you’ll be able to upgrade your Cards even higher.

Faster progression

Also, to help players level up faster than ever, we’re bringing down the costs needed to upgrade your King Level and Cards from 11 to 13.

No time to waste

Slash Royale is ongoing and will help you tremendously getting the Gold that you need!

"I’m level 13, is my experience lost if I upgrade cards now?"

Not at all!

All the experience you have accumulated by upgrading and donating cards while being on King Level 13 will be redistributed to you!

This means that you could be upgraded to King Level 14 right when the update goes live.

There has to be more

Yes, there is!

More things are coming with the next update in addition to level 14, but we’ve been sworn to secrecy for right now.

We will share this info with you as soon as we have it in our hands!

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