Slash Royale - Earn over 300k Gold!
18 October 2021

The King has gone mad!

From October 18th to 26th, brace yourself for something you’ve never seen before in Clash Royale history: SLASH ROYALE!

All costs are cut in half

Yep, you read that right!

For the next 9 days, every card you upgrade will cost half the regular Gold price!

We’ve also done the same for all Star Levels.


The biggest gold rush ever

Do you need gold to upgrade all those cards? Great!

Prepare yourself for the Great Gold Rush, where you will be able to earn up to 200k Gold depending on your Arena level!

Daily gold gift and more

That’s not all!

Daily gifts will also appear in the shop during the Slash Royale event for a total of up to 50k Gold!

You will also have the chance to earn up to 50k Gold in the Golden Mirror Challenge (Oct. 18th to 21st) as well as another 25k Gold on the free track of the Triple Elixir Global Tournament (Oct. 22nd to 26th).

In total, that’s over 300k Gold that you will be able to earn during the 9 days of SLASH ROYALE!


The library is open

For the first time ever, players will be able to purchase multiple Book Offers, so you can stack them to upgrade as many cards as possible.

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